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How to get ahold of me

One of these days I'm going to commission someone to make me an actual PFP. Until then...
My auto-generated GitHub profile picture

If you have questions about one of my projects, would like to help fix or maintain any of the translations, or are otherwise interested in something that you've read here, please reach out!

The majority of my projects have threads on Homebrewtalk Forums which I monitor regularly. Notable threads include:

Other ways to reach out directly include on Discord as thorrak (which I use constantly), or on Reddit as /u/lordfili (which I rarely log in to, thanks to the API changes last year). If you subscribe to either the KegScreen or Fermentrack 2 mailing lists, all of the mails are sent from my personal email address. I won't link it here due to spam, but if you hit "reply" on any of those mails, I'll see it.

Finally, it warrants mentioning that I rely on GitHub issues heavily to track both bugs and feature requests. To raise an issue, click the link above, select "Repositories" at the top, choose the project that you are interested in, and then click the "Issues" tab within that project.